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Group menus

Traditional salmon soup 16,00 eur / person

Creamy salmon soup with freshly baked rye bread, butter.

Coffee, tea, assorted cookies.

Supper table à la Rhea 16,00 eur / person

Green salad, sauces, pasta salad, warm baguette,
cold smoked reindeer casserole.

Coffee, tea, assorted cookies.

Summery Fajitas menu 22,00 eur/ person

Wheat tortillas, tacos, nacho chips, tomato salsa, cheddar cheese sauce, guacamole.

Jalapeños, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper.

Hot salsa bolognese, roasted broiler, stewed onion, chili beans, fried champignons.

Coffee, tea, assorted cookies.

Tapas table à la Rhea 25,00 eur / person

Green salad, pasta salad, sauces, pickled cucumbers, pickled onions, feta cheese, olives, jalapeños.

Warm smoked fish, pâté with bacon, liver and minced meat, roast beef.

Chicken breast in curry-coconut sauce, vegetable rice.

Coffee, tea, fruit pie.

Dinner table à la Rhea 31,00 eur / person

Green salad, sauces, feta salad, Hawaiian cocktail, Caesar salad, herring, fresh salted fish, pesto salmon.

Roast beef, liver pâté, baguette, quark spread.

Whole beef fillet, cognac-cream sauce, parsley potatoes, vegetables.

Coffee, tea, cake.

We serve all our menus on buffet tables. All menus include non-alcoholic beverages.
We have taken special diets into consideration.Our group menus are served to parties of 20+.
Children ages 4-14 – 50 %.

Enjoy your meal!