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Restaurant Ship Gaia

Experience the schooner Gaia

The vessel with an authentic schooner atmosphere
and tar scent, is anchored in the Jyväskylä harbour.
The great experince can be discovered
every day during the summer season!

Open from noon, weather permitting.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our sunny deck
with terrace barbecue menu, small snacks,
ice cream
portions and refreshments.


In the heart of the Gaia, on the lower deck,
located the new Bar Kuunari.


                    Restaurant Ship Gaia & Bar Kuunari
                  may also be rented for private events!

                          Inquiries and reservations:
                            +358 (0) 400 706 691
                 or via e-mail:  sari.wigell (at) pp.inet.fi


                    Welcome to Enjoy!