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Private events

Charter cruises

The ship's facilities provide an ideal setting for private events during the cruise or in the harbour. We can tailor your customer events, special occasions, festivities, recreational days, sauna evenings, and meetings.

The events are always planned with the customer, down to the last detail.

Our ship also has a panorama sauna with a private sauna deck for 10 persons. You can have a sauna with your group,
enjoy the refreshments and the lake view at your leisure.
You can book and experience the finnish sauna both in the harbour and during the cruise. The restaurant facilities
of the ship are at your disposal in the sauna facilities too.


Our kitchen has a European atmosphere. Our German chef Andreas Hoch creates both European and Finnish traditional dishes in the ship's kitchen.

We also offer various options for groups - for example, the famous buffet tables of m/s Rhea and menu recommendations.
We can also arrange the meals to suit your wishes. Our dishes are made of Finnish ingredients available in the vicinity. We have planned the menus to suit special diets.

Program and entertainment

If you wish, we can invite various kinds of performers onboard:
an accordionist, bands, a troubadour or maybe a jazz orchestra.

Contact us and request an offer!

Sari Wigell, tel. +358 400 706 691 or
e-mail: sari.wigell (at) pp.inet.fi

We will tailor a cruise package of your choice,
with a full program!